OMG! The Biggest Pitbull In The WORLD Becomes Best Friends With A Tiny Chihuahua

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In today's post I wanted to share with you this incredible story by the of how a giant Pit Bull became friends with a tiny chihuahua. It's not every day that you come across such a friendship of two different dog breeds that are for many reasons unlikely to become friends at all.

Anyway here is the full story below that will leave you astonished and in disbelief at the same time...

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The world's biggest Pit Bull has struck up a bizarre friendship with a tiny chihuahua more than thirty times smaller than him.

World-famous Hulk, who shot to fame last year in a viral video, weighs in at 181lb while tiny Mami is just five pounds.

Giant Pitbull Loves His Friend Chihuahua

But the difference in size and power hasn't stopped them becoming firm friends who spend all day together at a kennels in New Hampshire. 

The Giant Pitbulls Family

Owners Marlon and Lisa Grennan of Dark Dynasty K9s bought Mami to see if they could train her as a protection dog.

They started by introducing Mami to their world-renowned pack of protection pitbulls when she was just a few weeks old and she has been part of the family ever since.

Lisa, 25, said: 'Mami has a pitbull attitude. She thinks she's a big dog, she's tough and holds her own in the house.

'I don't think she's really at danger playing with Hulk.

'He's very aware of her size, he's very gentle with her. They play really well together.'

Pitbull and his friend ChihuahuaHulk and Mami eat, sleep and play together almost everyday at the family's home. 

The only time they have to be separated is when Mami is in heat and Hulk's instincts drive him to try and mate with her.

Experienced dog trainer, Marlon said: 'It could be unusual to some people to have a chihuahua in with all these pitbulls but it's not unusual to me.

'They are so comfortable because of the way they were raised, they have rules, boundaries, limits and balance. 

'When you insert balance into a dogs life anything is possible. She's part of the family.'

Dark Dynasty K9s specialise in training elite protection dogs for the police, celebrities and billionaire clients around the world.

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