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“The above video was created by Rene Amberg who has been a true inspiration in my life. I wanted to share this video with you because it truly inspired me to listen to subliminal messages.”

My name is Sandra Whitefield (41-year-old from San Diego, FL) and want to quickly share with you my story of how I went from a non-believer of the law of attraction to being the biggest fan.

After years of struggling to manifest anything in my life and having no time to meditate (I actually struggle and don’t really like it), I finally found the ideal way to start attracting all kinds of things in my life.

How? By listening to subliminal messages and binaural beats while I slept at night.

I initially used normal earphones to listen to the subliminal messages at night but my ears were pretty sore in the morning from the earphones pressing. The other issue was the cable getting tangled around my neck due to my restless sleep, so I got myself some wireless sleep phones that are simply incredible. Not only are they comfortable and wireless but they play high quality sound that is not to loud which makes it perfect to play through out the night,

Now that I had the perfect “tools” to start listening to the audio without waking up in the middle of the night irritated, I was ready to test these subliminal messages out.

To make sure this would work I wanted to start by attracting something “small” like a new watch or a pay increase before I jumped into bigger things like a Ferrari… LOL!! After deep consideration, I decided to focus on a getting a pay increase or even a new job if the pay was good.

A close friend of mine who actually listens to binaural and subliminal messages recommended a track by “Good Vibes” called “Manifest Your Dream Job” that can be found here on YouTube… Click here to access the track.

I was ready and excited to jump in, but deep inside I was still skeptical and thinking… ”What the heck am I doing! This is all a load of BULL!”

Anyway, I gave it a go for 17 days straight until a “miracle” happened.

Besides sleeping better, I manifested my first goal… I got a new job offer from new company that had just started up here in San Diego. The pay was amazing and above all the company was much closer to home than my previous job.

I was over the moon and blown away by this small “miracle”. It proved to me that the law of attraction was real and that my subconscious mind had been programmed with a different belief that I wasn't even aware of. By simply listening to these binaural and subliminal messages, I was able to change that old belief into a new one.

I have since kept listening to different subliminal messages and have continued to manifest all kinds of “miracles”.

Thank you Universe for all your blessings!!

Hope you all find abundance and love within your lives!



Below is an article by "1st Personal Development" with more information on Subliminal messages that I found very valuable…

Do Subliminal Messages Work While Sleeping?

Subliminal messages are usually messages or sometimes affirmations. They are normally either visual or auditory and are presented at levels that are below your normal perception. In other words, you don’t consciously hear the messages that are being played subliminally.

But just because you can’t consciously hear the subliminal message doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. What happens is that the message is picked up by your subconscious mind, in much the same way as you can hear your name being mentioned across a crowded room, even though there’s way too much noise in the room for you to consciously hear your name being spoken.

So, to put it another way, subliminal messages are perceived by your subconsious, which is one of the deeper parts of your mind.

What are subliminal messages?

  • They are soft, almost hidden, messages that are audible to your deeper, subconscious, mind or unconscious mind but inaudible to your conscious mind. Much like a really quiet whisper or the gentle rustling of leaves across the other side of the street.
  • They are messages designed to be conveyed below the normal limits of your perception. For instance, you’re consciously reading this page but there are almost certainly other things happening on your computer or phone or tablet. If you’re on a computer, you’ve probably got more than one tab open and there will be things happening elsewhere. I doubt you’re focused on the clock but somewhere your subconscious mind will notice when it clicks on to the next minute.
  • They can be hidden in Images as the illustration from 1892 by Charles Allan Gilbert shows – depending on how close you view it, the image is either a human skull or a woman admiring herself in a mirror. So remember that subliminal messages can be anywhere, not just in audios. There’s even a whole conspiracy theory debate about hidden subliminal messages in otherwise innocent Disney movies.

Do subliminal messages work while you are sleeping?

A test carried out on psychological studies show that a subliminal message has the potential to influence you regardless of your waking state because of its ability to go through the conscious mind and they do indeed work while you’re sleeping.

They can be even more effective than listening to the same recording whilst you’re awake.

For instance, if you’re listening to a subliminal session about success, and affirmation is along the lines of “I am successful”, there’s a good chance that your conscious mind will be saying “I cannot be successful, and I have issues” or otherwise sabotaging the message. Even if you tell it that the whole idea of listening to the track is to help you become successful or whatever else it is you’re aiming to improve in your life.

The main aim of playing subliminal messages while you sleep is to avoid the criticism (intentional or otherwise) that comes from consciously hearing the message, even at the very low level that a subliminal message is played at.

It is argued that the subliminal messages will work more effectively whilst you’re in the land of nod because they allow the message conveyed by the affirmation to go to deeper parts of the mind which in turn will help your conscious mind to accept the affirmation, even though it’s really been by-passed in the process.

People who have gone through subliminal message sessions have reported improvement in all sorts of areas in their lives. That’s been reported whether they’ve just played the MP3 ordinarily or have played it, sometimes on loop, whilst they’re asleep at night.

That said, research findings have shown that subliminal message sessions can be strangely powerful. Theoretically they shouldn’t work but, much like placebos, that doesn’t mean that they don’t work. If you do any research at all on placebos and their effects, you’ll know that they work a lot of the time. Weirdly, larger pills and coloured pills work better than small white pills. And if the placebo is in the form of an injection it works even more often.

What that almost certainly means is that the more persuasive a sales page is about the power of the subliminal message it’s promoting, the more likely that message is to work.

Very odd.

But then our minds aren’t exactly the most logical things in the universe – we’re not Dr Spock and it shows.

Regular sessions of listening to subliminal messages can be highly effective especially when the affirmations are repeated multiple times. That’s normally the case with subliminal recordings – they loop through a handful of messages several times during the course of the recording.

That works well for several reasons but the main one is repetition.

And playing the messages while you sleep allows the almost imperceptible messages to be readily absorbed by your subconscious mind. Which is win-win really – you get the benefits without having to take time out of your already busy day to listen to the recording.

The small effects that are noted in most research studies are magnified through repeated sessions and this is how the effectiveness of using subliminal messages while you sleep is increased.


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