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2 in 1 Portable Heat Re-Sealer & Cutter

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2 in 1 Portable Heat Re-Sealer & Cutter

A must have item for any mom or person who works in the kitchen and needs things organized and simplified. We sell two re-sealers on our store but this one is by far the BEST in terms of quality and performance. It not only seals but it also cuts packages open.

Watch the video below for a demonstration of how this handy tool works...

This portable sealer locks in food flavor and it keeps your food fresh for much longer.

Here is more on the item below...


  • Battery Powered

Install 2 AA alkaline batteries and rotate the knob indication to “+” point, then press the knob and move to the end equally. That’s it, product was sealed and is airtight. So easy, right? No more worries about leftover snacks!

  • Rapid Preheating

Upgraded heating film. Common packaging bags do not need preheating when sealing, such as storage bags, snack bags and so on.

  • Opening Bags Function

Different from other mini heat sealing machine, this one has an opening bags function. You just need rotate the indication point to “-”, then hold one hand on the plastic bag, another hand you simply press the knob and slide it from left to right to the other side of the bag until it's fully open. That’s it, bags opened!

  • Safety Lock

This battery-operated portable food sealer adds safety lock function from customer’s safety point of view during independent research and development. When not in use, just turn the knob to the middle area of the “+” and “-” point t o power off immediately.

Tip: The hand held food sealer may slow down in speed when the battery is low.


Type: Heat Sealer
Material: ABS Plastic
Color: Green
Rated Voltage: DC 3V.
Battery: 2 AA Alkaline Battery (included).

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