HairRitzy Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

HairRitzy Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

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HairRitzy Invisible Halo Hair Extensions

Our Invisible Halo Hair Extensions are out of this world and a MUST for every woman who seeks fuller and more glamorous hair!

Believe it or not, this hair extension gives you the most UNBELIEVABLE hair within less than a minute! No clips, no glue, and no damage - this temporary extension is the answer to all your hair problems!

There are many options when it comes to secret extensions in the marketplace, but our NEW Invisible Halo Extensions are without a doubt a breakthrough in the industry and I'll explain that in a second.

Firstly we specialize in high quality and innovative technology in a way that our competitors can not and we buy in bulk making it impossible for our competitors to be more affordable than we are.

Our invisible headband slips on & off quickly, blending right in with your own hair. It looks and feels just like real hair! Unlike our competitors, our halo-shaped design is double drawn meaning it’s thick all the way down to the ends. We are the least expensive per gram and offer 40% more hair than our competitors.

We are proud of our product and confident that you will LOVE it as much as we do! We believe our extensions will make you a more confident woman who deserves the best life has to offer!

We at offer 30 different hair extension color styles in straight hair or curly! For more Colors please click the following links 

⏩ Invisible CURLY Hair Extensions 🔥 🔥 (Red, Burgundy, Aurburn,etc)

⏩ Invisible STRAIGHT Hair Extensions 🔥 🔥 (Red, Burgundy, Aurburn,etc)

Here is more info on the item...

  • Brand Name: HairRitzy
  • Material: High Temperature Fiber
  • Style: Invisible Wire
  • Can Be Permed: Yes
  • Our Hair extensions...
    • Are silky, beautiful and tangle-free.
    • Made with less broken hair meaning thickness is maintained from root to tip.
    • Softer and more manageable.
    • Designed after listening to our customers and what they want.
  • Width: 25cm
  • Length: 51cm (20' inches)

How to maintain and take care of your extensions:

  1. Put the hair extension into lukewarm water with the shampoo for 5 minutes, Shake and Rub gently
  2. Rinse thoroughly in cool water again
  3. After shampooing, squeeze out excess water and pat dry with a towel
  4. Let it dry naturally
  5. Please do not use hair drier or expose it to intense heat
  6. To Maintain the wavy texture from frizzing, minimize brushing and pulling of the hair

How to Apply the Hair Extension Within Seconds:

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