Premium Anti-theft Sling Backpack -

Premium Anti-theft Sling Backpack

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Premium Anti-theft Sling Backpack

This awesome sling backpack is a MUST if you live in the big city or if you travel often. 

Although this bag looks small in size it can hold a lot of items like your glasses, wallet, keys, mobile phone, powerbank and more. It features a USB connection so that you can charge your device on the go.


  • The bag can be used as a chest bag or as a shoulder bag.
  • It comes with USB function, offering a convenient charging port for your electronic devices.
  • High quality polyester material, smooth and easy to clean.
  • Anti-theft cover layer for the main compartment, safe and attractive.
  • The shoulder strap is very breathable and practical
  • It can be used for daily work, leisure, travel.


  • Colors: grey, black (optional)
  • Closure type: zipper
  • Main material: polyester
  • Type of accessory: USB interface
  • Item size: 31 * 18 * 10cm / 12.20 * 7.09 * 3.94in
  • Backpack weight: 320g / 11.29oz
  • Backpack size: 34 * 21 * 10cm / 13.39 * 8.27 * 3.94in
  • Colors: Black and grey

Note: The bag has a USB connection. (No power supply.)

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