Sand Free Wonder Mat -

Sand Free Wonder Mat

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The mat is made of a unique material that allows the sand and dirt to fall right through the meshed mat. You will see the sand, dirt & dust disappear before your eyes and be sand free while you enjoy the outdoors.

The mat is PERFECT for picnics, beach, camping, watching sports or any outdoor activities. It is very easy to clean and dries instantly should drinks be spilled on it.

It's also very easy to set up or pack away and folds up into a small bag which is great for traveling.

Please note that the mat is made of an artificial textile fiber (Terylene), and is not as soft as cotton, silk or wool.

  • Color: Blue | Green | Pink
  • Sizes: Available in 3 sizes - 150cm x 120cm  (59*47inches) | 200cm x 150cm (79*59*inches) | 200cm x 200cm (79*79inches)
  • Material: Terylene

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Here is a video demonstrating how awesome this mat is...

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